End User License Agreement

Amy's Escape is trademark of Studio High Ground, and Fernando Holguin all rights reserved.

Introduction: This User Deal is a legal deal between you and Studio High Ground, ruling your use of the stuff we offer on our site. By using the Site, you agree to play by the rules of this Deal.

Giving You a License: As long as you play by the rules of this Deal, the Company gives you a special ticket to use the software and stuff we offer on the Site for your own personal use. You can't give or sell this ticket to anyone else. It's just for you to use the Site like we say you can.

Who Owns What: The software and stuff we offer on the Site, including all the code, pictures, designs, words, and other things, belong to the Company and its friends. They're protected by special rules for owning cool stuff. This Deal doesn't give you any rights to own or control any of it.

What You Can't Do: You can't mess with, change, take apart, or do anything weird to the software or stuff we offer on the Site:

What Can Happen: If you break the rules of this Deal, it can get canceled. The Company can end this Deal anytime without telling you if you break the rules. If it ends, you have to stop using the software and stuff we offer on the Site and throw away any copies you have.

No Promises: The software and stuff we offer on the Site come as they are. The Company doesn't promise they'll be perfect, without mistakes, or always work. You use them at your own risk.

Who Makes the Rules: This Deal follows the laws of Ecuador. If there's a fight about this Deal, it has to go to the special courts of Ecuador.

Talk to Us: If you have questions or stuff you're wondering about this Deal or how we do things, hit us up at info@studiohighground.com.

Last Updated: 06/20/2022

Thank you for taking the time to read our End User License Agreement. We appreciate your support as we continue to develop our exciting new game!