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Q: When is the game's launch expected?
A: We are currently eyeing a 2025 release, subject to the successful securing of needed funding. We're exploring multiple options for capital, and your support goes a long way in making this dream a reality.
Q: What's your team's location?
A: We're situated in the heart of Quito, Ecuador, using our city's cultural tapestry as a springboard for crafting unique gaming narratives.
Q: How much would the game cost?
A: We're still ironing out the specifics, but we aim for a price that balances accessibility and the value we're providing. Expect a range from $19.99 to $39.99. Stay tuned for the official announcement!
Q: On what platforms will the game be playable?
A: We're developing the game primarily for PC users, with plans to branch out to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. We might consider additional platforms down the line.
Q: Are physical copies of the game available?
A: Yes! We understand the allure of a physical edition and plan to have a limited run with exclusive collectibles for all you tangible gaming enthusiasts out there.
Q: What languages will the game support?
A: The game will be launched in English, with a goal to expand its reach with localization in Spanish, French, German, and other major languages.
Q: Can I create fanart based on the game?
A: By all means, yes! We love seeing the creativity of our community. So, paint, sketch, sculpt away, and don't forget to share your masterpieces with us!
Q: Can I stream or create content around your game?
A: Absolutely! We encourage content creators to stream, record, and share their gameplay experiences. Your passion helps our game reach more audiences!
Q: Can I pre-order the game?
A: We will have pre-order options in the future, allowing you to reserve your copy in advance and possibly gain access to exclusive bonuses or early access content. Watch out for more details!
Q: Who is the target audience for the game?
A: Our game is designed for teens and above, with a recommended age rating of 16+. Think of it as a thrilling journey akin to "Coraline", "Undertale", and "Little Nightmares". It's a tale of horror crafted with young adults in mind, filling a gap in the market we believe is underserved.